Epicycloidal reducers

Precision machining. Epicycloidal reducers. Explosion-proof engines.


Officine Cesana has been operating in the professional cleaning sector for over thirty years, a field that has definitely grown in terms of numbers and quality of products and customer service over the last two decades.

  • Robust reducer housing in G25 grey cast iron.
  • Satellites in acetal resin.
  • Steel satellites with bushings.
  • Helical teeth for better silentness and meshing.
In detail

Raw materials

Direct management of grey cast iron or nodular cast iron foundries and excellent knowledge of the issues related to casting will ensure high quality standards of raw material at a very competitive price, with castings carried out mainly in foreign countries within the European Community.


The high number of pieces produced over the years, along with constant updating of the machinery fleet, has allowed developing processing cycles and procedures to guarantee the optimisation of processes without diminishing the high standards of quality.


The internal assembly department in close contact with production is the guarantee of an immediate feedback on the quality of the outcoming piece. Verification of the perfect operation of the assembly is performed in real time, allowing for perfect optimisation of the assembly process.

Supply on your design

The management of the entire production process, from raw material to the delivery of the assembled product, will allow you to interact with only one interlocutor and a single supplier, relieving you from the burden of managing multiple warehouses and intermediaries.

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Epicycloidal reducers

Over thirty years of experience in the design and construction of epicycloidal reducers.